Gorgeous Gardens, Guaranteed!

Dependable, experienced, plant savvy help

for time-challenged garden lovers

in New York’s lower Hudson Valley & the Capital Region.

Specializing in garden design & planting and maintaining

serenely beautiful & inviting garden spaces.

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Zen Garden Gal Offers These Garden Services:

Garden Consultations

Garden design

Plant Sourcing

Garden Prep and Planting

Light Weeding, Thinning, Transplanting, Organic Fertilizing, Pruning

Natural Animal/Pest Deterrent Application

Indoor plant Care

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Schedule a garden consultation if: Planning a new garden and unsure what will thrive; rehabbing an existing garden and wondering what should be saved or tossed; wondering how to extend the length of the garden season in your location, etc.

Garden Design service is for you if: You’d like a well balanced, visually and aromatically attractive, easy to maintain garden featuring plants that compliment each other well, but aren’t sure where to begin.  We can fix that!

Plant Sourcing is for gardeners who’d like to add interesting and unusual plant specimens to create beautifully unique settings, but don’t have the time or know where to go to find these treasures.

Garden Prep and Planting is offered for working professionals, busy parents, ‘ladies who lunch’ and folks ‘of a certain age’ whose backs and knees aren’t interested in getting down and dirty…it’s for anyone with limited time who still wants to enjoy GORGEOUS gardens this season.  The same goes for my light weeding, thinning, transplanting, fertilizing and pruning services!

Natural animal pest deterrent application is for garden lovers plagued by bunnies, deer, chipmunks, wayward cats and dogs and the like.  Some products work a LOT better than others and some are very hard to find…start early for best results!

Indoor plant care – are you one of those people who love the idea of beautiful house plants…but can’t seem to get on an indoor watering and fertilizing schedule?  And you’ve got the brown, dried out plant carcasses to prove it?  Hey – not to worry!  We can fix that for you!

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Please call or email for information, rates and availability:

Dorothy Gaydos

(Warwick, NY)



Serving Hudson Valley areas surrounding Warwick, NY & Albany, NY