Just a little about me…

My name is Dorothy Gaydos.  I’m a lifelong gardener and horsewoman.  I design and maintain perennial gardens in the Capital Region and around Warwick, NY.

And I KNOW that anyone who wants a gorgeous garden can have a gorgeous garden, no matter what color your thumbs are!

All you need is a little imagination, a little bit of time and…you have to get excited about playing in the dirt!

But if you only have one or two of those three essentials, that’s where I come in!  Together, we can create a garden you’ll be proud to invite your friends over to enjoy.  Birds will sing and bees will buzz about you to their friends…and before you know it, the perennials flowering happily in your garden will bless you with perky little baby plants to share with friends, neighbors or complete strangers…

Or migrate over to your new garden beds!

See, I told you anyone can have a gorgeous garden!  So that’s what I do…I create peaceful, beautiful garden spaces that people and pets and all our little beneficial insect helpers can enjoy safely and sustainably – and without harmful chemicals.

If you have the desire and time to work alongside me, I’m always happy to share the great information I’ve collected along the way, from firsthand research and experience as well as my comprehensive Master Gardener training.

And if you simply want to come home and have it all done for you to brag about, well, I can handle that too.

Gorgeous gardens don’t have to be something only other people have…because now YOU have ME!